Order Information


  • Orders may be faxed to 419-332-4988
  • Orders may be phoned in at:  419-332-9275  -or-   800-944-2615
  • Include complete name(s) and addresses  (include apartment/lot numbers.)
  • Telephone number of recipient is helpful in the event they are not home or we have trouble locating the address.


  • Credit Card number and expiration date.
  • Daytime phone in case we have questions.
  • Complete address with zip code. 
  • Please indicate if you would like your receipt mailed to you.


For orders sent out of town or the country please have complete address with zip and phone numbers.  Foreign orders should have accurate as possible spellings.  Place orders 24 hours in advance of delivery time for international orders. 



Please give us 24 hour advance on special orders.  We do not  always have a flower or color you would like to send but we will try to get it for you.  A second choice is always helpful.